Monday, June 1, 2009

Hi there!

Ok so this has done a complete 180 hehe and I'm happy for that, I deleted all of my old blogs because that person has long been gone since February 9th, 2009 when I met my perfect boyfriend Jason :) *cheeeeeeeese* I know... going to make all of you readers sick hehe!

Better than the stuff I was writing about that's for sure ;)

Anyway... I'm here to write about MAKE-UP! Ahhhh... yes... my true love (sorry Jason haha) but no really... my best friend woke my demon up and after a brief period of being in a standstill, I'm back and focused more than ever!

I will be attending a school here in Sugar Land that focuses just on makeup instead of a cosmetology class that focuses mainly on that with a little makeup artistry on the side... I can't wait! Then I will get my actual cosmetology license because, lets face it, it's been a LONG time coming right?

Once that happens and I have extra money (wishful thinking on my part? LOL) I will start building my kit and freelancing *squeee* I already have quite a few lovely friends of mine that want me to do their makeup for weddings, events, etc... and I can't wait to do so! I will be even MORE stoked when I have a great foundation and more techniques under my belt!

If you stumbled upon my blog by accident, WELCOME and if I pretty much told you I would disown you if you didn't follow me and that's why you are here... then, WELCOME! hehe... I love you guys!

I need more followers because I need more suggestions, requests and input from YOU GUYS! Spread the word will ya? I am trying to build up my portfolio along with making new friends and clients and I can't do it alone :)

Thanks for reading and checking me out!


Wendy Darling

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